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Return to Work Program

The Return to Work (RTW) Program supports Laboratory efforts to assist employees and supervisors in managing injury and illness, as well as disabilities. The following represents an overview of the key components of the program.

  • The Disability Management Team is composed of representatives from many Laboratory support organizations and aims to coordinate medical care with accommodation of restrictions and with accident analysis (occupational injuries only).
  • The Return to Work Liaisons (pdf) are a central point of contact in each directorate who work with employees with medical restrictions.

  • Directorates are required to provide reasonable accommodation to disabled employees. The Disability Management Team and Return to Work Liaisons work with directorate management to identify reasonable accommodations. LLNS has an obligation to explore reasonable accommodations for all disabilities, whether they are work-related or not.

Disability Prevention

The Laboratory recognizes that preventing disability is the most effective disability management strategy. LLNS is committed to providing its employees a safe and healthful work environment and devotes significant resources toward efforts to minimize the risk of injuries and the disability that results.

To learn more about LLNS’ Return to Work Program, click on the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the Health Services Department (HSD) Return to Work Program Coordinator (1-925-423-0591) for further information.

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